Scale repairs related FAQs

  • Can I have my scale repaired by Scalemen of Florida?
    • Yes, we provide repair services for your scales. Give us a call and a certified technician will be out to your facility within 24 hours, our response time is something we are proud of.

  • My scale was diagnosed and it needs parts to be fixed, what is going to happen next?
    • If your scale was diagnosed by a Scalemen of Florida technician and it was determined that it needs parts, we will order the parts for you and we will go back to finish the repair. There may be occasions when the part needed may be available on the technician stock, in this cases we will replace the damaged part right away for you.

  • I have a damaged scale that is critical to continue the production, the scale was diagnosed and I have to wait for parts to get it fixed, what can I do?
    • Scalemen of Florida takes good care of its regular customers, for customers with an active Preventive Maintenance Contracts, we will provide a loaner scale during the time of the repair to help keep your production running.

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