Sales related FAQs

  • What kind of scales can I buy from Scalemen of Florida?
    • Scalemen of Florida offer any kind of scales to better suit any customer needs, from small low capacity laboratory scales to high capacity industrial scales.

  • Will my scale come already calibrated?
    • Yes, we will make the initial setup and configuration of your scale, which includes the initial calibration. After we deliver the scale to your location, our technician will recalibrate the scale in place for better accuracy.

  • Will my scale be delivered to my location?
    • We will deliver your scale at your location as long as you are located at a reasonable distance from South Florida area.

  • Can I buy a truck scale for my business?
    • Yes, we work with all major manufacturers and we can provide you with several options to acquire high capacity scales, like truck scales.

  • How long will it take to have my scale up and ready?
    • The waiting time depends on the type of scale and the service requested. Heavy duty equipment will take longer to be delivered and installed than general propose small bench scales. Our goal is to have your equipment up and ready and delivered to your facility.

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